Should Reps Work with Consultants?

Blog Date: 12/24/2013
Author: Ray Coulombe

Despite the incredible influence of security consultants and engineers, most manufacturers do not have well developed A&E engagement programs. Further, many manufacturers do not expect their reps to engage with the A&E community, as reflected in their expectations and rep contracts.
What a missed opportunity! The average security consultant influences $3M in security product sales annually. He relies upon manufacturers and their product representatives for the latest in product and technology information. Sadly, many who knock on the door of a security consulting or engineering firm don't get it. They're looking for the immediate sales hit, rather than focusing on what really works...building a long-term trust relationship. A good rep likely represents several product lines of interest to a consultant and, thus, has the chance to make a disproportionate impact with his visits. Achieving through demonstrated accomplishment the reputation of ~123~trusted advisor~123~ provides significant added value to his manufacturers and increases the rep firm's own value. The process requires insight, patience, product knowledge, and professionalism. It also requires recognition on the Manufacturer's part, as reflected in the training, A&E tools, and contract provisions provided top the Rep.


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