About Us

RepsForSecurity was established in response to requests from several notable representatives and manufacturers. Reps have been a vital component of the security industry landscape for decades, yet remain one of its least understood entities. For many manufacturers, finding the right rep for their product line can be a daunting challenge. Does a rep call on the right customer base? Is the firm well respected? Do they have the requisite technical skills? Is their time dominated by another “cash cow” principal manufacturer? Will they commit to giving the manufacturer sufficient time and attention? Further, simply signing that “right” rep to a contract is only the first step to a successful relationship. Like any successful marriage, both parties must work hard and effectively communicate on a continual basis. The goal of RepsForSecurity is to support the creation of successful relationships between Manufacturers and Reps by:

   - identifying relevant Manufacturers’ Rep firms in the security industry
   - providing information for each Rep firm on manufacturers, territories, and personnel
   - discussing best practices
   - furnishing useful supporting resources

RepsForSecurity is an endeavor of Gilwell Technology Services, LLC, which introduced SecuritySpecifiers.com in December, 2010.

Advisory Board

RepsForSecurity Advisor Ted  Curtin, CCP, CPMRTed Curtin, CCP, CPMRTed is President of Repworks, Inc, a New England rep firm covering the Sound, Access Control, CCTV, IP and Intercom markets. Ted is a Certified Protection Professional and a Certified Professional Manufacturers Rep and has served as both National Vice President and Executive Committee as Vice President of Membership of the Electronic Representatives Association.
Contact: ted@repworks.com

RepsForSecurity Advisor Joel SchwartzJoel Schwartz, LCA Sales
Joel Schwartz has been LCA Sales’ President since 1980. He is also past National President and Board Chairman of the Electronics Representatives Association and recognized for his leadership in the Industry.
Contact: joel@lcasales.com

RepsForSecurity Advisor Mike SchweinsbergMike Schweinsberg, Vihon Associates
Mike Schweinsberg, joined Vihon Associates in 1991, and was promoted to active Partner in 1996. Mike is well known for his hands-on approach, particularly with the security industry's latest technologies.
Contact: mike@advancedsecurityconnections.com

RepsForSecurity Advisor Jordan R ThomassonJordan R Thomasson, Thomasson Marketing Group
Jordan R. Thomasson is President and CEO of Thomasson Marketing Group. Jordan has 37 years of results oriented experience in the Electronic Security, Life Safety & Systems Integration industries on the dealer, manufacturer and distribution segments of the security business.
Contact: Jordan@TMGRepGroup.com

RepsForSecurity Advisor Brad WarrenBrad Warren, Warren Associates
Brad Warren is CEO of Warren Associates,for whom he has worked for nearly 40 years. Brad expanded the reach of the company from A/V into security in the early 1980's and into a territory now covering California and the Rocky Mountain states.
Contact: brad@warrenrep.com

RepsForSecurity Advisor Ray CoulombeRay Coulombe, Managing Director
Ray Coulombe is the founder and Managing Director of RepsForSecurity. He has extensive experience with start-up and early stage growth companies, including SecuritySpecifiers and his own consulting firm, Gilwell Technology Services. Formerly, Ray was COO and co-founder of SyPixx Networks, acquired in 2006 by Cisco, and was responsible for providing critical transition assistance into Cisco’s Physical Security Business Unit. Ray also played a significant role in the development of several other early-stage companies in the security industry including IFS and Fiber Options. He has further experience with 3M, Emerson Electric Company, and the United States Air Force. He holds a BSEE from Cornell University, a Masters degree in Management from MIT and a Master’s degree Information Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Contact: ray@RepsForSecurity.com
Contact: ray@gilwelltechnology.com