Company Overview

Nedap Identification Systems is the leading specialist in systems for long-range identification, wireless vehicle detection and city access control. Our readers, sensors and controllers optimize, monitor and control the movement of vehicles and people. Safe, secure and efficient. Technology that can easily be applied to security, traffic and parking applications. Cities, airports, seaports and industrial estates all are expected to be smart about mobility. Nedap's Identification Systems and Mobility Solutions enable citizens to keep moving around in a secure and convenient fashion.

Product Areas

Vehicle Identification

Vehicle Identification Logo

Nedap has been leading the market for automatic vehicle identification for over a decade. We offer a variety of readers and tags to identify vehicles and optionally the drivers of those vehicles. These systems are used in applications related to security, parking and logistics.
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People Identification

People Identification Logo

Nedap Identification Systems beliefs that convenience and security can go hand in hand. Our hands-free card readers offer read ranges of multiple meters (long-range identification) and offer the highest level of convenience while maintaining sufficient levels of security.
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Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection  Logo

The core of the Nedap SENSIT system consists of wireless sensors that monitor occupancy of each individual parking bay. Both the parking bay status and the duration of occupancy are monitored. This information is made available on a hosted software platform that can be used to monitor system operation and to integrate the system easily with third party systems for parking guidance, parking management, reporting or parking enforcement.
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