Company Overview

March Networks, a leading provider of IP video software and systems, works with certified partners and customers worldwide to transform video into usable business intelligence. We give them the tools they need to enhance security, mitigate risk, and reduce losses from theft and fraud. We then deliver on the true power of video with integrated applications that let them see what's happening in their organization, and make informed decisions to improve performance and profitability.

Product Areas

Video Management Software

Video Management Software Logo

Flexible, scalable and easy to use, our Command VMS platforms will save you time and simplify your video surveillance system management.
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Recorders Logo

Our powerful, feature-rich recorders are the most reliable in the industry. Choose from hybrid, tribrid or all-IP recording platforms.
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Cameras Logo

Choose from our portfolio of high-quality IP cameras for the most reliable and clear video surveillance, no matter what your application.
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Application Software

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Fight theft and fraud, speed investigations and improve marketing, operations and customer service with video-based business intelligence.
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Video Encoders

Video Encoders Logo

Extend the life of your analog camera technology while migrating to IP video cost-effectively and at your own pace with our high-performance video encoders.
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Mobile Peripherals

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Enabling transit authorities to gather GPS location, record speed and audio, and tag video for wireless extraction.
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