Company Overview

Superior quality access control products for the security industry; researched, developed and manufactured for over 40 years. Heavy-duty, vandal-resistant Keypads, Card Readers, touch and touchless Access Switches and Keyless Entry Systems are a principal choice of security professionals worldwide.

As a leader in touchless devices, a product family of solutions helps organizations worldwide maintain safe, secure and convenient onsite workspaces. Touchless switches and readers provide enhanced security and reduce contamination risk while meeting elevated hygienic expectations in a hands-free environment.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, these advanced technologies are unsurpassed in their ability to tolerate any environment.

Founded in 1977 in Carpinteria, California with an impressive history of innovative firsts, having developed the original Keyless Entry Keypad® system for the Ford Motor Company. After the tragic events of 9/11, Essex was appointed to manufacture the keypad for cockpit door locking control systems utilizing our Piezoelectric switch technology. Over 8,000 keypads have been built and installed on commercial aircraft fleets around the world.

In addition to in-house rapid product development and manufacturing capabilities, exceptional client and technical support services are provided. See how you can secure access points with Essex products at:

Product Areas

Hand-E-Wave No Touch Access Switch

Hand-E-Wave No Touch Access Switch  Logo

A rugged, hands-free door activation switch with advanced 24GHz Doppler Radar technology. Ideal for use in places where sanitation is a concern including healthcare, education, and high-traffic retail establishments. Stainless Steel construction and a low profile design make Hand-E-Wave™ easy to clean and sanitize, further reducing the spread of viruses, germs, bacteria, and infectious diseases.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) contribute to patient illness, death and increase healthcare costs for everyone. Significantly reducing the incidence of HAIs can be achieved with proper hand hygiene in the healthcare setting by reducing contact with potentially contaminated objects and surfaces including doorknobs, door handles and mechanical door switches.
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Readers - Keypad, Card and Combination

Readers - Keypad, Card and Combination Logo

Virtually Indestructible Piezoelectric Keypads, RFID Card Readers and Combination Readers (Keypad plus Proximity/iCLASS) designed to tie into an OEM Access Control Panel or industrial process control equipment. Industry Standard Outputs including 26 Bit Wiegand, 8 Bit Word, Serial ASCII and RS-485.

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iRox Series Rugged Smart Card Readers

iRox Series Rugged Smart Card Readers Logo

The only HID compatible, ligature-resistant, modern low-profile designed card readers on the market. Trusted in hospitals and correctional institutions everywhere. Built to last, these heavy-duty, IP66 rated readers incorporate stainless steel construction, epoxy encapsulated electronics and audiovisual feedback. Capable of reading all HID 13.56MHz high-frequency formats and with optional MultiCLASS SE® that adds 125kHz Proximity for dual-frequency installations.
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Door Access Switches

Door Access Switches Logo

Heavy Duty, illuminated, Piezoelectric Touch switches and Hands Free No Touch switches designed to operate in various high use, harsh and vandal prone environments.

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RoxProx Rugged Proximity Reader

RoxProx Rugged Proximity Reader Logo

A heavy-duty, low profile 125kHz Proximity Reader designed for extreme climate conditions and vandal prone areas. Built to withstand the harshest environment yet attractively designed to complete any decor. This rugged, all-weather (IP66 Rated) Proximity Card reader features stainless steel construction, epoxy encapsulated electronics and Genuine HID Technology™. Available in either narrow (PRX-1) or single gang (PRX-2), installed flush or surface mounted.
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PEB Series Door Access Switches

PEB Series Door Access Switches Logo

Industrial grade, Piezoelectric, illuminated and timed switches designed to function in high-traffic, vandal-prone environments. Perfect for indoor/outdoor commercial applications on automatic doors, electric lock/strike or magnetic locks. Specified by architects and designers worldwide, proudly built in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.
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SKE Keypad Series

SKE Keypad Series Logo

Providing cost-effective, self-contained access control with features suitable for most single-door requirements. As a self-contained system, all electronics are contained inside the keypad. Easy to install and operate, all programming is performed through the Keypad. Suitable for hospitals, office buildings, schools, multi-unit residential and commercial applications.
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