Company Overview

Cypress Integration Solutions is a world-leading developer
and manufacturer of physical access control integration solutions which save time and money, solve installation challenges, and advance adoption of SIA's OSDP™ protocol.

Built in the USA with 39+ years of expertise, the Cypress lineup of innovative and award-winning solutions includes Suprex® Reader-Extenders, data converters, OSDP-enabled tools and handheld readers. Cypress also custom-engineers solutions and provides OEM/ODM products.

Product Areas

Access control problems & solutions (for Wiegand & OSDP systems)

Solving Wiegand problems & gaining value with Wiegand systems

Since many current access control systems are based on the Wiegand interface, Cypress has been asked for multiple solutions to Wiegand system challenges, such as:

  • Pulling cable to install Wiegand readers over parking lots or other obstacles (Wireless Suprex)
  • Lightning-prone sites where Wiegand readers need to be installed (Fiber Optic Suprex)
  • Limited conductors available to install Wiegand readers and door hardware (RS-485 Suprex: SPX-1300)
  • Elevator traveler cable lacking available conductors to accommodate a Wiegand reader (Wireless Suprex)
  • Electrical noise causing Wiegand signal interference (RS-485 Suprex: SPX-1300)
  • Sharing door access between commercial landlord and tenant with a Wiegand system (Custom CVX-OPTS)
  • Voltage level differences between Wiegand devices (CVX-OPTW)
  • Installing 2 readers without enough available Wiegand ports (CVX-OPTW)
  • 2 Wiegand systems needing to monitor a single reader (CVX-OPTW)
  • Incompatibilities between Wiegand system components (CVX-1300)
  • Integrating RS-232 Serial readers/scanners into a Wiegand system (CVX-1300)
  • Creating temporary access points without installing permanent Wiegand readers (Wireless Handheld Readers)
  • Providing access control at construction sites with a Wiegand system (Wireless Handheld Readers)
  • Installing Wiegand readers at muster points (Wireless Handheld Readers)
  • Accommodating turnstile/access point overflow during shift change with a Wiegand system (Wireless Handheld Readers) 
  • Verifying staff credentials aboard shuttle buses with a Wiegand system (Wireless Handheld Readers)
  • Avoiding pulling new cable for Wiegand readers at sites with existing fiber optic or IP network cable (Fiber Optic Suprex or Ethernet Suprex)

Solving challenges with SIA’s OSDP access control protocol

SIA’s Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) v2 is the IEC-approved international industry standard replacing Wiegand due to its higher security which mitigates the Wiegand vulnerability. OSDP is also recommended for its interoperability, functionality and cost-effectiveness. Cypress provides solutions for OSDP challenges, such as:

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OSDP adoption solutions

OSDP adoption solutions Logo

Cypress offers a line of products to simplify the implementation of the Open Supervised Device Protocol.

Ask about the original Cypress award-winning OSDP-Wiegand converter and the in-panel interface.

The Open Supervised Device Protocol, or OSDP™, is the Security Industry Association's access control protocol which is replacing Wiegand for improved entrance security, 2-way communication, interoperability, remote reader maintenance and other benefits. OSDP earned IEC certification as an international access control standard in 2020.

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Wireless Handheld Readers (HHR Series)

Wireless Handheld Readers (HHR Series) Logo

Account for everyone evacuated in an emergency with the Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader.

The reader interfaces with your existing access control system for use at emergency assembly points, as well as to scan credentials at truck gates and on shuttle buses, perform random badge checks, log staff in and out of training sessions, and even track meals for staff.

The handheld unit may be worn by a security officer, and set to perform a function, such as triggering an alarm or opening a door, at the touch of a button.

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Suprex® Reader-Extenders

Suprex® Reader-Extenders Logo

Did you know you can install a reader anywhere along an existing network, or connect readers in challenging environments using dark fiber using Cypress Suprex® Reader-Extenders? Depending on the chosen Suprex model, you can connect wirelessly, over RS-485, Ethernet or Fiber Optic cabling, to save time, money, and reduce frustration.

Suprex models are recommended as alternatives to using a second control panel, and help you minimize costs by using existing wire or bypassing obstaclesSpecific recommended uses include:

Wireless: Use when installing readers at sites across parking lots, railroad tracks, or in settings where it is undesirable to trench or where minimal disruption is preferred, such as buildings with historical significance or those which contain asbestos.

Fiber Optic: Use in desert, lightning-prone or corrosive environments, to take advantage of dark fiber on site, or when greater distance is desired.

RS-485: Use at sites where RS-485/2-wire is available, or in elevators and at sites where high immunity to electrical noise under adverse conditions is needed.

Ethernet: Plug Suprex Central & Remote units into routers / switches to install readers anywhere on an existing network, or connect directly with Ethernet crossover cable.

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Data Converters

Data Converters Logo

Are protocol or format incompatibilities forcing you to buy new hardware? Save money with the reliable Cypress Data Converter instead. 

The multi-format converter has dozens of on-board, field-selectable conversions. It supports RS-232 serial-to-Wiegand, Wiegand-to-Wiegand, and Wiegand-to-RS-232 serial, as well as other conversions, and is useful for barcode scanner-to-Wiegand output applications.

Custom format / protocol versions are also available.

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Wiegand Splitters & Routers

Wiegand Splitters & Routers Logo

The CVX-OPTW Wiegand Splitter connects 2 readers with one panel using the same Wiegand port, or connects 1 reader with 2 panels sharing the same data. It can also be used between devices with different Wiegand voltage levels.

Also available is the Intelligent Wiegand Router, which can be custom-engineered to connect a reader with 2 panels and route data to the appropriate panel. The Intelligent Wiegand Router is recommended for multi-tenant applications.

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