Company Overview

Brivo is the original innovator of cloud-based physical security solutions for commercial buildings. Currently serving over fifteen million users, Brivo offers a unified security platform including access control, mobile credentials, mobile administration, video surveillance, identity federation, visitor management, and elevator control. As a SaaS company, Brivo also offers a complete API platform service that empowers partners to build custom integrations and vertical market offerings. Our mission is to make the world a safer place by providing a subscription-based service for securing buildings using reliable, convenient, scalable, cyber-hardened technology.

Product Areas

Brivo Onair Cloud-based Access Control

Brivo Onair Cloud-based Access Control Logo

Brivo Onair automates access control so customers don’t have to spend time managing their solution. Our cloud-based security platform can automate every aspect of access control systems, from simple to complex. Brivo’s access control solution allows customers to benefit from:

    -- Remote management
    -- Infinite scalability
    -- Reliable and secure system hosting
    --Built-in redundancy and automatic backups
    -- Automatic software and firmware updates
    -- Simple browser and mobile applications

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Brivo Mobile Pass

Brivo Mobile Pass Logo

Brivo Mobile Pass combines the security customers need with the mobile convenience they want. Customers benefit from mobile credentials and mobile management by:

    -- Reducing the hassle of lost or forgotten credentials by issuing mobile credentials and digital badges
    -- Remotely assigning and revoking credentials sent directly to a user’s smartphone
    -- Protecting high-security areas with two-factor authentication (without requiring a biometric reader) using fingerprint and facial recognition already built into smartphones
    -- Giving customers a more secure credential than traditional access cards

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Integrated Access Control and Video Surveillance

Integrated Access Control and Video Surveillance Logo

Brivo unifies the security experience across access control and remote video surveillance so customers can see what’s happening at their facilities from anywhere. Video surveillance allows customers to get real-time views of all access points at their facility, keep video safely stored in the cloud to prevent loss, and view visual records that link to important access control events.

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Brivo Visitor

Brivo Visitor Logo

Brivo Visitor is an easy-to-use solution for customers to manage visitors and deliveries that directly integrates with the Brivo Onair platform. With Brivo Visitor customers can:

    -- Automate the sign-in/sign-out experience
    -- Create a welcoming, secure and convenient first impression
    -- Simplify the process of notifying hosts when their visitors arrive
    -- Control everything from the pages visitors see to the reports that admins generate
    -- Print visitor badges that clearly display visitor identification
    -- Capture visitor information via customized questionnaires

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Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management Logo

Brivo Identity Connector links to user’s Identity Access Management solution including Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and G Suite so customers’ physical security access rights are always up to date. Benefits of Brivo Identity Connector include:

    -- Increased productivity: Manage customers from one system and eliminate manual, redundant work
    -- Automatic updates: Changes made in Okta, Azure Active Directory or G-Suite are automatically reflected in Brivo Onair for accurate access control
    -- Simplified security: Quickly identify authorized customers and reliably de-provision customers to remove facility access
    -- Single sign-on: Access Brivo from your Azure and Okta platform

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Brivo Smart Apartment

Brivo Smart Apartment Logo

Brivo Smart Apartment provides customers one solution to automate access control and apartment functions to deliver a futuristic resident experience, providing value-add benefits to their property so residents are willing to stay longer. Brivo Smart Apartment allows property managers to:

    -- Improve property appeal to increase resident retention and quickly fill new units
    -- Expand management opportunities by controlling doors across properties from any mobile device and managing vendor access
    -- Protect their investment and prevent damage with sensors and property environmental controls
    -- Safeguard their property with automated access by setting access control schedules and managing permissions

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