Company Overview

Barrier1’s perimeter security solutions protect people and property. Our tested and crash-rated vehicle barriers, security bollards, crash beams, and drop-arm gates are trusted by the U.S. Dept. of Defense, Homeland Security, and all four branches of the U.S. military. We are a General Services Administration (GSA) contractor and our products are ASTM Certified and DoD approved. We hold 9 US Patents, including three for the most advanced net barriers in the world.

Product Areas

Net Barrier

Net Barrier Logo

Our patented, reduced-risk Net Barrier is a final-denial barrier. The longest certified Net Barrier listed on the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List.

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High-Security Bollards

High-Security Bollards Logo

Barrier1 manufactures a full range of high-security bollards used for mitigation of unauthorized vehicle entry.

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Wedge Barrier

Wedge Barrier Logo

Automated steel plate barrier. Our Wedge Barrier acts as a final denial or traffic control barrier.

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Crash Beams & Drop Arms

Crash Beams & Drop Arms Logo

Barrier1 offers both Electric and Manually operated drop arms, Retractable Horizontal Crash beams and Kit-based Drop arms to prevent unauthorized vehicle access.

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