Company Overview

Orion Entrance Control, Inc., is a global provider of optical turnstile solutions for facilities that require security and oversight of the traffic coming in and out of their spaces. We design and manufacture technologically-advanced access control products including security SpeedLane turnstiles and automated door access for companies of all needs and sizes. We back up our work through our amazing service program and highly-trained customer support team.

Product Areas

SpeedLane Turnstiles

SpeedLane Turnstiles Logo

Orion's entrance control products and services ensure security and speed of access. Each product we construct contains up to 75-80 percent recycled materials. This includes the stainless steel, and the recycled and upcycled finishing materials like recycled glass tops, wood laminates, and other green finishing options.
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DoorGuard Logo

The Orion Secure DoorGuard (ODSG) tailgate detection system uses a 3D machine vision imaging sensor to accurately determine who is attempting to gain entry through a secured access point (such as swinging doors, sliding doors, or virtual/no doors) after a visitor or employee swipes their access card.
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Infinity Remote Lane Control Software

Infinity Remote Lane Control Software Logo

Orion Entrance Control developed proprietary software to provide user-friendly controls for Orion turnstiles, speed lanes, and the new DoorGuard detection system. It empowers lobby and security personnel to monitor activity through each turnstile individually or in aggregate. This intuitive tool enables remote servicing of the turnstiles, monitoring of power consumption, and counting and reporting of occupancy statistics. The software works on any Microsoft Windows-based system.
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