Company Overview

Louroe is a manufacturer of audio monitoring technology. Their products are utilized in security applications in both the private sector and in government. Louroe serves the needs of law enforcement, the security industry, higher education, and many others. All of Louroe's products and systems are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled in the United States. Their U.S. production staff and management maintain rigorous standards to ensure their products provide reliability, durability, and performance. Louroe is committed to providing their consumers with innovative products and the necessary expertise as it relates to audio monitoring technology.

Product Areas

LE-802 Intelligent Audio Analytics System

LE-802 Intelligent Audio Analytics System Logo

The LE-802 offers a robust, easy to use and easy to install system for unattended audio monitoring on specific events such as gunshots, aggressive speech, glass breaking and car alarms. The system is a complete hardware and software solution that is housed in a weather and vandal resistant enclosure for outdoor applications. It provides for constant 360° audio monitoring over large areas and is designed for easy installation on most city utility poles or walls.
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Audio Analytics

Audio Analytics Logo

Audio analytics is ability to analyze and identify sounds. Similar to how the human ear processes audio, analytic software analyzes sounds through advanced algorithms and classifies it into a predetermined category such as aggression or breaking glass. Audio analytics add accuracy to security systems and provide many benefits.
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IF-PX PoE Extractor

IF-PX PoE Extractor Logo

Model IF-PX is a single zone POE in-line interface designed to extracts power from an Ethernet connection to power Louroe microphones, speaker/microphones and external devices that require a 12Vdc supply such as Encoders and Non PoE IP cameras. The IF-PX supports both one-way and two-way audio. Most commercial grade line level unbalanced microphones are compatible with this unit. Audio output has variable gain control.
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Speaker Microphones

Speaker Microphones  Logo

Louroe offers a number of Speaker Microphones which provide two-way talk/listen capabilities between the remote station and number of analog and IP capable audio devices. Louroe's speaker microphones contain Verifact microphones and a speaker within a single housing. Speaker size and power handling varies depending on model.
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