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RepsForSecurity addresses the need in the physical and electronic security industry for a comprehensive perspective on an industry segment which has been vital to the industry’s growth – the manufacturers’ representative (“rep”). Established security manufacturers frequently use reps as a substitute or an enhancement to their own direct sales force. Early-stage companies often find reps to be an effective and immediate way to deploy a sales force. And companies whose primary strength lies in other industries may find reps an effective means to gain sales coverage in a non-primary market.

RepsForSecurity will offer an expanding variety of resources to assist security reps and to manufacturers in recruiting and managing them. As the only comprehensive search vehicle to Manufacturers Representatives (Reps) in the Physical and Electronic Security industry, RepsForSecurity facilitates identification of reps by company name, by the manufacturers or products they represent and/or the territories they operate in. We will offer information concerning best practices for reps and those who employ their services. Simply hiring a rep does not guarantee success, as both manufacturer and rep must be committed by their actions and practices to make the relationship productive. Please note that RepsForSecurity.com makes every effort to verify the content in its database. However, there may be instances where information may be outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete. Please report any errors to admin@RepsForSecurity.com, and we will verify and correct the content as soon as possible.

We welcome your comments and suggestions as we expand this valuable new resource.

Featured Security Rep Firm

Dollacker & Associates Inc.

Dollacker & Associates, Inc. was formed in 1983 by Michael and Ellen Dollacker to offer professional services to the security and audio/video markets in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Specializing in the growing IP network security and audio/visual technologies, Dollacker and Associates, Inc. actively works with major consultants, system integrators and distributors to specify the products represented by the firm. By conducting biannual territory wide, technologically advanced teaching seminars, as well as online, email, and traditional sales Dollacker and Associates has grown and evolved to be one of the most effective security and A/V sales organizations in the country.

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