Company Overview

Seneca, An Arrow company is a leading solution provider of computer and storage technology for the physical security market with a full line of specialized solutions that are optimized, certified and guaranteed with leading software platforms. The Seneca product offers servers, clients, storage, analytics, and access control infrastructure hardware. The product leverages years of engineering expertise, manufacturing experience and partnerships to deliver an outstanding customer experience through configuration and set-up, pre-sales and post-sales support and ecosystem partners that make deployment easier for our customers.

Product Areas

Seneca Network Video Recorder (NVR) Series

Seneca Network Video Recorder (NVR) Series Logo

The Seneca NVR product line has been Optimized, Certified and Guaranteed to support leading video management software platforms to ensure the NVR appliances reach their maximum performance. With guaranteed software and hardware platforms, Seneca continues to improve and simplify installation and design quality products. The NVR product line supports single site, simple installations with the Confidence 100 series product line all the way up to multi-site, high performance surveillance projects with the Certainty 400 series.
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Seneca Client Workstations

Seneca Client Workstations Logo

Seneca provides client viewing solutions for single and multi-site surveillance systems. Whether viewing a single monitor with multiple cameras or multiple screens across a control room, Seneca can provide a solution to fit your demands. All Seneca client viewing stations are validated for the best performance by configuring each system with leading video management software (VMS) requirements.
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Seneca xCommand Video Wall Controller

Seneca xCommand Video Wall Controller Logo

The Seneca xCommand Video Wall Controller combines the VWC with integrated software for Milestone xProtect so operators are able to seemlessly drive video walls within the same application. Having a single all-in-one solution is critical to smooth operation of the security suite. The xCommand plug-in for Milestone allows users to directly add content to the video wall from within the xProtect platform.
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Seneca xVault Storage

Seneca xVault Storage  Logo

Seneca xVault Storage provides simple, flexible and reliable optional expansion for surveillance systems. The Seneca Professional and Corporate xVault (SAN) storage expansion can provide Petabytes of additional storage.
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