Company Overview

Smarter Security is a leader in optical turnstiles offering premium, innovative solutions for entrance control security. Our intelligent and elegant Fastlane turnstiles protect thousands of buildings across six continents, including 50% of Fortune 100 companies. Fastlane provides pinpoint accuracy that detects tailgaters within a quarter inch, the fastest throughput in the industry, and unparalleled reliability. Our Door Detective provides tailgate detection and direction control for access-controlled doors. It detects human hacking attempts and empowers anti-passback enforcement and accurate population counting to Building Automation Systems. Smarter Security provides superior intelligence for protecting people, assets, and operational continuity.

Product Areas

Fastlane Turnstiles

Fastlane Turnstiles Logo

Finding security products that exist at the intersection of design and innovation can be a challenge - but now your search is done. Fastlane turnstiles and gates secure many of the world's most iconic buildings, and are designed with cutting-edge technology and the looks to match.
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Door Detectives

Door Detectives Logo

No matter how well-trained your team is, an unauthorized person who knows how to take advantage of people can probably get beyond a secured door. Our Door Detectives remove the human element from the equation, detecting tailgating and reducing the 'politeness pressure' that people feel to hold the door for others. They also detect people passing in an unauthorized direction, eliminating the chance for someone to take advantage of a door that is closing. Door Detectives are ideal for any access controlled area where an intruder could do more than a few thousand dollars in damage, and are a key to a layered security strategy that covers perimeter, lobby, and internal door security.
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