Company Overview

Swiftlane is a secure, touchless access control and video intercom system designed to provide high security, safety, and convenience using face recognition and mobile credentials.
Swiftlane provides simple, high security, and scalable solutions for every building and workplace. With Swiftlane, simply walk up to a door and it unlocks using just your face or mobile phone. Swiftlane's cloud based system combines cutting-edge access control technology and two-way video intercom system into one simple system. The easy-to-use cloud dashboard allows admins to monitor visitors, employees, and deliveries remotely from anywhere. Swiftlane offers custom solutions for every industry including commercial real estate, startups, healthcare, manufacturing and industrial, education, government, fitness, and more.

Product Areas

Cloud Based Access

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Swiftlane’s cloud based access control integrates mobile unlock, face recognition, and video intercom and visitor management systems. A fully cloud based system empowers office teams, secures facilities and buildings, and simplifies visitor management.

Swiftlane’s cloud-based access control system elevates the building experience, saves money and time, and increases safety and peace of mind.

Swiftlane's cloud based access control offers:
-- Global remote unlock capability
-- Video intercom with two-way audio and video calling to simplify visitor management
-- Ability to manage permissions remotely via mobile phone, desktop dashboard or browser
-- Free automatic cloud storage
-- Easy scalability to multiple sites, doors, and locations
-- Minimal capital expenditure and affordable pricing
-- Easy-to-use cloud admin dashboard
-- Preconfigured software and hardware
-- No local server required
-- Free automatic software upgrades
-- Automatic fault detection

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Face Recognition Access

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Swiftlane’s all-in-one access control solution will empower office teams, secure facilities and buildings, and simplify visitor management with cutting-edge face recognition technology.

Unlock a touchless face recognition access control experience that is completely hands-free, simple, and secure. User enrollment takes just a minute and can be completed from a mobile phone. Once set up is completed, a user can simply walk up to a door and it unlocks. Hardware installation is completed in less than a day and can integrate easily with existing legacy systems.

Swiftlane strives to be the gold standard of high security and privacy:
-- Using encrypted communications and storage of data
-- We never selling your data
-- Face recognition is optional
-- Swiftlane is SOC II compliant and HIPAA compliant
-- Swiftlane offers a unique two-factor authentication that combines face recognition and mobile app access for any high security needs

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Mobile Access

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Swiftlane's mobile access provides built-in access control using mobile or face unlock, two-way calling video intercom, and a completely cloud based dashboard accessible from anywhere. Simply open any door with your phone without needing to fumble for a key card or fob. Mobile unlock can be performed nearby over Bluetooth Low Energy, or via the app remotely from anywhere using remote unlock feature. Every building is different, and the Swiftlane system can scale to one door or multiple sites and locations. Swiftlane mobile and browser based dashboard allows configuring multiple entrances, and all of them can be managed centrally from the same system.

Swiftlane mobile access a wide range of features and benefits including:
-- Easy mobile access over Bluetooth (BLE)
-- Quick user enrollment through the mobile app
-- Remote unlock via mobile app or cloud dashboard
-- Video intercom capability with two-way audio and video calling for easy visitor management
-- Option to use touchless face recognition unlock
-- TLS and HTTPS encrypted communications to secure your data
-- Prevent unauthorized access through a photo-based audit trail
-- Detect and prevent break-ins with automatic tailgating alerts

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Video Intercom System

Video Intercom System Logo

Swiftlane’s integrated video intercom system empowers office teams, secures facilities and buildings, and simplifies visitor management with reliable two-way video calling and touchless access control.

-- Two-Way Video Intercom Calling: Full Duplex 1080p HD video. Fast and secure HD video calling made possible by advanced PoE and VoIP technology.

-- Mobile App Based Intercom: No need to run back and forth to a wall-mounted tablet. Swiftlane offers mobile and browser connectivity using Web RTC technology. Enjoy the convenience and freedom to pick up calls straight from your phone from anywhere.

-- Audio and Video Intercom: You can choose to pick up an audio intercom call or a video intercom call. Receive a photo of the person at the door so that you can perform a one click door release and unlock without even requiring to talk to the person.

-- Remote Intercom Management: Traditional systems only work over local building wifi or WAN. Swiftlane system can be managed remotely from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection to your phone or computer to manage the site.

-- Door Unlock Schedule: Ability to keep the front doors unlocked during business hours

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