Company Overview

On a mission to improve safety and security for the built world, Openpath creates smart, customizable access control systems. Sleek hardware and convenient touchless, mobile entry enhances the user experience, while cloud-based enterprise software effortlessly scales to make remote system management easier than ever.

The Openpath platform is designed with an open API architecture and backwards compatibility for superior interoperability. Seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed technology partners, including solutions for tailgating, video surveillance, directory platforms, visitor management, and building automation. Create safer, healthier spaces with built-in lockdown and occupancy tracking features, plus integrations for health questionnaires, temperature screenings, and contact tracing. Openpath is the first and only solution to achieve 94% mobile adoption.

Product Areas

Cloud-based Access Control Software

Cloud-based Access Control Software Logo

Openpath’s fully cloud-based software gives organizations the benefit of remote access to all their most important data and controls, from any device, anywhere. The scalable, flexible software reduces costs and increases efficiency, eliminating the need to maintain local servers and software. With intuitive dashboards and an open API architecture, Openpath seamlessly integrates with other tools, apps, and systems for a fully customized solution.
- Instantly issue and revoke credentials, adjust permissions, and set user schedules directly in the cloud
- Centralized management for all sites and locations on a single pane of glass
- Openpath software supports an unlimited number of sites, doors, users, roles and groups, with automatic syncing through your preferred identity provider
- Real-time visibility of every access event as it happens with detailed, customizable reporting
- Automatic notifications and alerts to keep teams informed and triage security issues quickly
- IT-approved software with end-to-end encryption and the highest standards of security available - Over-the-air updates to ensure your system is running the most advanced security software, with minimal downtime
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Video Reader Pro

Video Reader Pro Logo

The new standard for door security. The Video Reader Pro from Openpath combines the security of a multi-technology Smart Reader with the power of a built-in camera, right at the door. By putting a camera inside the door reader, Openpath gives organizations the benefit of visual verification of every access event right where they occur.
- Associate real-time video with access events at any entry, with remote monitoring and automatic alerts
- Multi-technology reader functionality supports touchless Wave to Unlock, Apple Watch, and mobile credentials, plus high- and low-frequency key cards and fobs
- Fast and reliable unlock backed by patented Triple Unlock technology
- High-definition 5MP video camera built directly into the reader, with WDR support and two integrated 850nm IR LEDs for superior visibility even in low light conditions
- Motion-activated camera with customizable settings to see only what you need to see
- Open video standards to easily integrate with any access control or video surveillance system
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Smart Readers

Smart Readers Logo

Designed to be both secure and beautiful. Openpath multi-technology Smart Readers are easy to install, easy to use, and look great in any space. Backed by patented Triple Unlock technology, Smart Readers provide 99.9% unlock reliability. Openpath Smart Readers support multiple access methods, giving users the flexibility to use touchless Wave to Unlock, mobile credentials, or key cards and fobs, all on the same system.
- Multi-technology door entry readers support high- and low-frequency credentials, including mobile, Apple Watch, encrypted key cards and fobs
- Touchless entry with Wave to Unlock lets users contactless unlock the door without taking their phone out or opening the app
- Patented Triple Unlock technology uses simultaneous Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE, and cellular data signals to trigger an unlock
- Standard wiring for easy installation to replace legacy systems
- Built-in fail safes to withstand power failures and Internet outages
- Readers store no sensitive information and are tamper-resistant
- Available in Standard and Mullion sizes
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Whether you want to build your access control system from scratch, or you want to add on to an existing system, Openpath controllers offer scalable, expandable solutions to fit your needs. Secure one or two entries with the Single Door Controller, or scale up to thousands of doors with the Access Control Core that supports up to 24 entries on a single uplink.
- Openpath controllers securely make all entry decisions
- Offline-first CloudSync technology allows the system to continue to operate if the Internet goes down, and syncs data once the connection is restored
- Convenient and secure cloud-based management with end-to-end encryption and strong public key cryptography
- Built-in monitoring with diagnostics and troubleshooting in the cloud
- Easy installation with standard wiring and backwards compatibility with legacy on-premise access control systems
- Automatic software updates over-the-air
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Expansion Boards

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Adding new entries and building your custom access control system is easy with expansion boards. Alongside the Openpath Access Control Core, these expansion boards offer unlimited scalability for any size deployment to securely make all access decisions.
- Available in 4-port or 8-port options 16 I/O Elevator Board supports up to 16 elevator floors and two Openpath readers
- Includes additional relays and inputs for Wiegand devices, sensors, and outputs
- Encryption at every level with strong public key cryptography
- Designed with built-in fail safes to withstand power interruptions or Internet outages, with offline CloudSync functionality
- Standard wiring to easily replace existing on-premise systems
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Wireless Locks

Wireless Locks Logo

You can now use Openpath’s Bluetooth credentials to unlock Allegion Schlage® wireless locks. The out-of-the-box integration pairs Schlage locks and gateways with Openpath’s cloud-based mobile access control system to extend convenient, cost-effective access and advanced security to interior doors.
- One of the only commercial-grade Schlage wireless lock integrations that supports a bluetooth mobile credential
- No wiring required, with easy setup in the cloud and Wi-Fi enabled locks
- Combined cloud-based management in the Openpath dashboard
- Supports touchless access, including Bluetooth in-app unlock, Cloud Key mobile Guest Passes, plus encrypted cards and key fobs
- Ability to remotely unlock Schlage locks from within the Openpath dashboard Openpath supports an unlimited number of wireless locks
- Great for limiting access to private offices, conference rooms, classrooms, IT closets, multi-dwelling unit doors, and storage areas.
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