Company Overview

Teleste is an international technology group founded in 1954, which is specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services. Teleste's video surveillance solutions focus on large, public sector projects. Our solutions are characterized by reliability and integration capability. We are a trusted partner for many major operators in rail and road transportation, airports, public space security, military, border control, utilities and industry. We have delivered 100's of world class IP based security network systems for over 15 years and believe our strong partner relationships to be key to our success. Our solutions are truly scalable allowing virtually unlimited number of users, monitoring centers and cameras. We have deployed several multi-site systems with thousands or tens of thousands of cameras in mission critical projects around the world. Apart from offering our own products, we are recognized for our competence in the delivery of integrated, end to end solutions based on both our own and/or third party products tailored for specific vertical markets. Regional Teleste offices allow us to provide local services to our partners around the world. Through our own offices, we are locally present in all major geographical markets.

Product Areas

MPX Universal Decoder

MPX Universal Decoder Logo

Teleste's new, unique product allows video management systems to seamlessly communicate with newer IP cameras as well as the existing analog devices, creating a truly hybrid environment. Our unit supports multiple encoding formats and therefore removes the need for format specific decoders. This allows normal operation during IP migration - without the need to change the entire video infrastructure.

S-AWARE Situational Awareness System

S-AWARE Situational Awareness System Logo

Teleste S-AWARE platform supports advanced data collection and management features that allows a clear graphical view of events and incidents and manages versatile situations effectively and reliably. The platform allows for pre-defined automated workflows to guide the actions and decision-making of your operating personnel, as well as track situations for analysis, reporting and development purposes. S-AWARE is available as a standalone product, or can be utilized to as an additional layer for the S-VMX video security and information management solution.
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S-VMX Video Management Suite

S-VMX Video Management Suite Logo

S-VMX is an IP video management system based on open architecture. It provides a smart and scalable end-to-end solution serving both video security specialists and IT professionals. Building up an S-VMX video management system is simply defined by the global number of cameras and concurrent users connected to the system. Alternatively you can select the suitable functionality to fit the size and needs of your system. Future expansion from one S-VMX system category to another can be achieved flexibly by simply changing the applicable system license.
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Information Displays

Information Displays Logo

Modern displays for accurate information sharing and excellent readability based on different display technologies - including TFT LCD, monochrome LED and full colour RGB LED. Our high-quality displays are specially designed for 24/7 use in outdoor, indoor and on-board use.
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IP Encoders and Decoders

IP Encoders and Decoders Logo

Teleste's range of encoders, decoders and Ethernet switches are available in a combination of different form factors and channel counts. All encoder and decoder units are capable of dealing with SD video up to full 25/30 fps formats such as H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG and MPEG-2. In addition some multi-purpose video units are also supporting audio, data and contact closure operation. The seamless network connectivity is guaranteed by standard electrical or optical (SFP transceiver modules) Ethernet interfaces.
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Network Switches - Video Optimized

Network Switches - Video Optimized Logo

Teleste's Ethernet switches are perfect choices for high capacity IP video streaming networks. For smooth multicast video operation, particular attention is given to Internet Group Management Protocol operation (IGMP) and optimized to manage up to 1200 simultaneous multicast group entries.
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Fiber Optic Transmission

Fiber Optic Transmission Logo

For nearly two decades, the traditional fiber optic transmission has been the core technology in many security video systems. With a successful background in this field, Teleste continues the tradition with it's well-known CFO product range which varies from mini-size video-only transmitters up to multi-channel multi-purpose video links supporting bidirectional RS data, audio and contact closure signalling. In addition, the most enhanced models provides a complimentary 10/100Base-T Ethernet Bridge functionality for any type of IP traffic. The latest additions in the CFO family are video modems deploying an SFP transceiver for the transmitting optics. The new generation CFO links are offering 1, 4 and 8 channel video operation. The multi-purpose models have a variety of additional signal interfaces for data, audio, CC and Ethernet.
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